Why does a Recruiter require your salary information?


Time and time again, we recruiters come across candidates who refuse to divulge their salary information.

Some candidates even pull out of the process completely at this point.

The main reasons we require your salary details are:

  • We need to determine whether you fall within the salary range of the spec. Not knowing your salary could waste your time, the client’s time and the recruiter’s time. It’s part of the initial shortlisting process and it is our role to match your expectations with the client’s salary range for that specific role.
  • As a recruiter and consultant, we can advise you in terms of what you can expect as a realistic offer – you can make the call at this point to proceed or withdraw from the process.

There  is no reason why we would want to undersell you. In fact it should be the contrary.

Every bit of information and every interaction we have is confidential and sensitive. We protect your personal information and it is only used with your permission. We have your best interests at heart.

Confidentiality is key and so is our reputation.

Written By: Lee Dixie


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