The IT Industry: A Gold Mine

As we all know in today’s modern world, the Information Technology industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors globally. It is a rather unique industry that offers quick employment, multiple career paths, opportunities within almost every sector. Forbes even ranked the industry as 2nd on its list of the Top 5 Growing Career Fields in 2022. There is an abundance of different jobs within the IT industry, and a few of these are predicted to be extremely sought-after this year.

A Cloud Architect is one of the highest paying IT jobs currently. This profession manages and improves the cloud computing strategy, a clever storage facility that more and more companies (and individuals) are utilizing daily.

Software Engineers have long been popular IT careers, and this still stands in 2022. To specialise in this field, you will need to fully grasp coding, app-building skills, and design.

Full Stacks Developers are talented individuals who have a full understanding of multiple programming languages and as such can switch seamlessly between developing projects.

Data Scientist / Engineers combines computer science, mathematics, and statistics to analyse, process and model data. They then interpret these results to create plans of action for different companies.

Cybersecurity Specialists have been identified as one of the scarce skills in South Africa, and with an estimated 5 634 cyber threats detected every day world-wide, it’s clear how important this career is. They are dedicated to protecting the integrity of a business’s data and networks, through continual monitoring, analysing, detection of and response to any and all cyber threats.

Business Intelligence is an umbrella term that holds a range of career options. These professionals manage important information and data analysis for a company to shed light on the operations of the business. This helps the business to fix any problems and implement more efficient processes. Some of the careers that fall under the BI umbrella are Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Data Engineers and Statisticians.

With the availability of technology, and the various institutions offering different pathways to enter the industry, IT is a very exciting field! Current IT professionals should take advantage of their free time and look into the range of online courses offered for coding. Very often these courses are viewed as an alternative to university degrees and offer an accelerated pathway into landing that lucrative job and developing your IT career.  

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