Social Media Madness!

Social Media is HUGE!  We are all on it.  We all have fun in our spare time but are our posts or tags going to affect our work? Anyone, any employer can find you in this global Digital World, with the most often researched sites being Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Do you manage what your friends tag you in? What do you share? What pictures are visible to others?  What comments from friends are visible to others?

Here are a few things you should think about…

  • Is the fun you had appropriate?  Are you photos embarrassing?  Are you happy for a future employer, boss or colleagues see what you have been up to?
  • Just remember, whomever you connect with, become friends with or follow, they can see everything you share and post.
  • Have a look at your privacy settings. Who can see your profile? You can create lists and select certain people to see specific things.
  • Keep your LinkedIn profile strictly professional.  As recruiters, we find some of the best talent using LinkedIn alone!
  • Perhaps you should think of having 2 separate social media accounts – there is no harm in having a professional and social profile.

Just remember social media is accessible to anyone and everyone, so think twice about how you use it. It could affect your professional  brand which can be very damaging!


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