Liezel’s Tips When Applying For A Digital Marketing / Brand Management Position


We all know that first impressions are critical and if you are operational in the marketing field you also know about the 7 second window that you have to do so successfully. This is largely the reason why Digital Marketing is booming right now, digital media provides companies with a platform where their 7 – 11 second advert can make a meaningful impact on their target market. Your application for such a position should do the same.

Herewith my tips on how to hit this out of the park:

  1. Keep your CV short, concise and to the point.

Using a neat and clear lay-out always invites further investigation, remember they see tons of applications, let yours stand out.

  1. Provide proof of your digital presence.

If you haven’t yet, start a blog NOW! It can be about anything, just make sure it’s relevant and not offensive to anyone, you never know what demographic group the person looking at your CV might be from.

  1. Create a Social Media following.

Link your blog to 2 or 3 Social Media platforms, stay active and current with your postings. Add these links to your CV and ensure that it is flawless, no spelling errors or pixelated images, remember content is key.

  1. Do your research!

When invited to an interview, make sure that you know what the company’s digital presence is currently like. Find their “golden thread” and highlight where you’ve managed similar campaigns and projects. Also take a good look at their competitors and their digital approach.

  1. Constantly up-skill yourself.

There are so many short & online courses that you can complete in your spare time. Although your tertiary qualification will weigh the heaviest, these courses prove that you are truly interested in this sector and that you are keen on broadening your knowledge and current understanding of this ever changing sector. Look into Get Smarter from UCT as a start, they are accredited and the courses are very user friendly.

In conclusion, ensure that you are up to date with the latest digital marketing and brand management trends and that you portray this through your application and that you are able to prove this in the interview. Good luck with finding the perfect position in this exciting sector!

By Liezel Burbidge


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