Invest in the next-generation Grad Talent


Graduate recruitment is a process not just undertaken by large multinational companies but also companies who are serious about their workforce and their business. Companies need to invest in the next-gen grad talent to future-proof and support their business growth.

A recent graduate brings a fresh level of enthusiasm, creativity and energy into the workplace. We need graduates in business – they see things differently, do things differently and come up with new ideas and trends in this IT and disruptive tech world.

Graduates are not all about money. The high achievers are looking to work for a reputable company with a promising career path. Millennial graduates are attracted to flexible work hours, health benefits, generous leave, incentives (monetary and travel), a fun and social environment and a formal training program. These are all desirable ‘sweeteners’ one can add to the package.

Graduates think highly of their skills and know their worth in the market. They have done their research and expect a competitive salary.

Graduates provide a constant flow of new talent that can be trained up for management roles in the future. Graduates have the potential to be your best future leaders. It is a necessary investment.

Anyone can create a strategy to attract and develop graduates. To get the best graduate talent, companies need their ‘package’ and brand to stand out.

How to attract graduates:

  1. Online presence – Millennials are plugged in and see embracing new technology as a fundamental part of a progressive company. It is essential for employers to have a strong online presence to remain relevant to the graduate talent market. Companies need to have the digital tools, such as a dedicated graduate attraction website that defines their company brand, an active presence on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat), email marketing and visibility on other credible websites where graduates are constantly browsing to research their career options.
  2. Reputation and Word of Mouth – this is crucial not only in the market but also in the online social world. Potential candidates have the ability to research a company’s culture and their people before even stepping foot inside the building. Managing a positive online presence is a great way to present your brand and to attract top grad talent.
  3. Use Specialist Recruiters/ Employer Marketers – link up with specialised recruiters and companies in the employer branding market. They will have an established online presence where they can speak on your behalf and enhance your reputation. They can give graduates a clear and transparent view of your organisation, reveal your brand and culture and attract the talent you want to invest in. A Specialist Grad Recruiter will consult with you to determine a ‘Graduate Attraction Strategy’ in both the online and offline space to establish your brand as an ‘Employer of Choice’.

Our next blog follows with Graduate programmes and retention….

Written by Lee Dixie


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